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Lion climbing trees to avoid prey

HERE’S a real-life cowardly lion!

A person on safari vacation captured these superb pictures of a giant cat turning from hunter to hunted because it fled from stampeding water buffalo and climbed a tree for security in Kenya.

The lion had been stalking a new child calf however quickly realised it was outnumbered by a protecting herd.

“Rapidly, actually out of nowhere, a male lion sprang out from his hiding place hightailing for a close-by tree with the buffalo now beginning to give chase,” stated Charles Comyn, 63, who was visiting the Maasai Mara Nationwide Reserve along with his spouse. “It didn’t take lengthy earlier than the lion had scrambled up the tree, fearing for its life.”

The water buffalo weren’t about to provide the lion a free cross, and waited out the large scaredy cat because it step by step misplaced its grip on the department.

“The marauding buffalo circled beneath, smelling the lion,” Comyn instructed Barcroft Media. “They weren’t going to let it get away.”

Because it misplaced steadiness on the tree, the lion summoned another burst of braveness.

The lion set free a mighty snarl, jumped off the tree and bolted to security. It sprinted towards Comyn after which dashed into close by brush with its life.

“It was a hair-tingling second,” Comyn stated. “The lion couldn’t hold for lengthy — one may actually sense that he was nearly doomed — so he needed to make one other try to flee.”

It was solely after the mud settled, that Comyn realised this showdown was over a new child calf.

“In a short time the buffalo resumed their early morning grazing. It was solely then that we noticed the newly born calf in the midst of the herd, which they clearly had been defending from the lion who presumably had noticed a possible ’gentle‘ breakfast,” the holiday-maker stated.

“What a magical, unforgettable and, as we later discovered, remarkable incidence.”

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