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Mysterious stone carvings may reveal lost ancient civilizations

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have unearthed hundreds of rock carvings that could possibly be linked to an Indian hunter-gatherer civilisation from 10,000 years in the past.

The unimaginable pictures have been discovered hidden beneath the soil on hills within the Konkan area of Maharashtra, India, The Solar reported.

Specialists consider the carvings, generally known as petroglyphs, have been created by a hunter-gatherer neighborhood as a result of most of the pictures are drawings of animals, in response to the BBC.

The invention suggests the civilisation might have migrated to India from Africa, the place most of the animals depicted are discovered.

And the archaeologists consider the drawings stands out as the oldest petroglyphs ever discovered, presumably courting again to 10,000BC.

The etchings have been discovered by a bunch of explorers led by Sudhir Risbood and Manoj Marathe, who started trying to find the photographs in earnest after just a few have been discovered within the space. Many have been present in village temples and performed a component in native folklore.

“We walked hundreds of kilometres. Folks began sending images to us and we even enlisted faculties in our efforts to search out them,” Mr Risbood advised the BBC.

“We made college students ask their grandparents and different village elders in the event that they knew about every other engravings. This supplied us with quite a lot of priceless data.”

Petroglyphs have been present in and round 52 villages, however solely about 5 of the communities have been conscious that the photographs existed.

“We’ve got not discovered any footage of farming actions,” Tejas Garge, director of the Maharashtra state archaeology division, mentioned.

“However the pictures depict hunted animals and there’s detailing of animal varieties. So this man knew about animals and sea creatures. That signifies he was depending on attempting to find meals.”

All types of animals, together with sharks, whales and turtles, characteristic within the carvings, whereas human figures and geometrical designs additionally seem.

For the reason that exceptional discovery, the researchers have been working to doc the hundreds of historical carvings and spur efforts to protect them.

The state authorities has designated 240 million rupees ($4.6 million) to check 400 of the petroglyphs in better element, in response to the BBC.

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